Raven Pack

Recap Of Recent Events

So it turns out that the spell Felix has been working on was a spell that creates a portal to some sort of infernal realm. The portal, and two others, (easier to seal) are under the underground city of Koz. There’s a problem, since a demonic army is assembling, although they haven’t made any excursions as of yet.

Wizards tell us that they couldn’t close the portal in less than several hours, so we realize that we must kill basically all of the demons to close the portal. The Raven Pack teleports around to various places, recruiting whatever people they can to form an army to take out the demonic hordes.

Realizing that Felix’s death would close the large portal, the Raven Pack sets out to assassinate him at the northerly city of (whatever it’s called).

Also, Ba’har Ba’har has some crazy demonic sword that we put in a trans-dimensional treasure chest, so that we don’t have to deal with its mind altering stuff, and so the enemy can’t have it.



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