Raven Pack

Session 1

We find ourselves above some Merlocks, having slain them for the Skull of a Skull Lord. We go to Fallcrest, so as to establish a teleprter in our house.Fabian makes the tele for us. We check out the Bahamut temple near Fallcrest. The room is dimmed from its previous brilliance. The dragonborn that I sent there earlier are there now. The chimera is on the altar, with lights emanating fgrom its body. They tell us that the dborn armies are getting owned by the orcish armies. They wre sent here to find the chimera. They thought that the chimera would enlist Tiamat to help in battle, and they totally did. Tiamat brought his Dragonborn avatar, Caserus, and they kicked ass for a wile, Evil Mage in White robes rididng a demon unleashed a hellstorm which killed everybody. Casurus’ fate is unsure. Chimera was rocked by the explosion, explaining his rocked state at the moment. They want us to check it out.

We teleport to Jura, to get our money from Felix, in exchange for the skull of that skull lord. We have a teleporter in Felix House. We meet Felix in his fancy study. Felix doesn’t give us all the money, instead offering us 9K for the moment. We agree to take a bracelet to Tristel, so his accountant can sell us and pay us the remainder of the money.

William tells eliot psychically to meet at zindel. We teleport over there. We see a shady guy climbing the wall of William’s pad. Owlbear shouts to him, but he is too far away. We rush to William to prevent his assassination. We discover another one of Marcus’ brethren in the room. We embattle him. He turns out to be Vergil, who is way too tough for us to touch. He offers to help us with the orc problem. We are suspicious, but allow him to temporarily join the party.

He produces three golden eggs from his coat.They are anti-Ghost grenades. Floods 5×5 area with sacred light. Cordus pays us10K for previous services rendered. They tell us about a teleporter in Kirick. It appears that vecna guys have been gathering bodies to reanimate for an upcoming conflict with Tyriel, should Tyriel be raised. If Tyriel is cast out by destroying the seal, Cordus expects Vecnites will just use the bodies to conquer the world.

We teleport to Fallcrest. Abram approaches us as we head toward Tristel to get the rest of our money. He tells us that there’s a large caravan traveling through the northern dwarf towns. He wants money for more details, which we decline for the moment. We walk to Tristle.

Owlbear goes to get money whilst Bahar finds the teleporter in the Pelor Temple. We are ambushed by Banshrae and a Wizard. We win the fight, and the necklace he gave us had dissapeared. We suspect that Felix was trying to kill us.

We teleport to Felix’s, then sneak into his place to find and confront him. It appears that the building has been evacuated.

We head out to D.born land. The territory has been ravaged by the orcish invasion. We come upon an enormous battlefield. “I am not looting” said Owlbear. We roll saving throws versus fear. We come upon a group of D.born burying some dead. Their leader tells us that the orcs dissapeared after the fight, apparently removing the threat to the empire. Bahar helps to bury the dead. It appears that Cosurus went into the fiery explosion to finish off the mage that set us up the bomb. The Dborn captain didn’t see what happened to the wizard or Cosurus.

We take the injured on our cart, and head on to the capitol of Dragonborn town. It appears that Felix is the wizard that exploded the battle.



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