Raven Pack

Starting Info


This is a summary for those who are in the campaign. So most of this probably won’t make any sense if you are not a PC.

So it’s been a while so here is a refresher.

You started off in Fallcrest and somehow found that some kobolds where robbing merchants on the northern road. You found their cave and kicked their asses. You also found a white dragon at the end of the dungeon that you also killed.

After making a name for yourselves in the town of fallcrest as the Raven Pack you where recruited by Bjorn (a wealthy lieutenant for the city) to help out with odd jobs in the city. The first job the raven pack did was to find a staff for one of Bjorn’s associates in a Vecna holy site that was sealed away in the middle of a forest in the western part of fallcrest. After lots of zombie ass-kicking you retrieved the staff.

The Raven Pack became suspicious about why Bjorn would be dealing with someone who would want a staff of vecna. After talking around on the street the thief in the party finds that most of Bjorn’s wealth comes from his father’s inheritance and that he is also apart of a secret organization that the thieves guild wants to get rid of.

The raven pack gets called upon the investigate some killings and trace it back to a cave only to find out that it was a chimera and duke it out. After beating the evil out of the creature it says that the cave they are in is a lost holy Temple of Bahaumut and that a sacred relic was stolen from within. The chimera asks that the party finds it return it to restore unity to the temple.

The raven pack stumbles around and finds that it was Bjorn who stole the sacred relic and discovered that the staff they where carrying was stolen as well due to the thief’s awesome hiding place (under the bed in plain sight). Later they find the staff thief running in to a cave in Fallcrest. In the cave, they find Bjorn with the staff and the stolen relics. Bjorn combines the relics with the staff and summons a Dracolich and runs up some stairs. While half of the party gets their ass kicked by the Dracolich, the other half bolts up the stairs and beat Bjorn like a piñata. Eventually, the raven pack destroyed the undead dragon (with the help of Bjorn’s soldiers, who were under the impression that the beast had attacked Bjorn and ourselves).

Soon after, the raven pack meet a masked ninja that is so well covered in cloth that only his glowing eyes are visible. The ninja says that he was ordered to assassinate Bjorn by Bjorn’s secret organization and is glad that the raven pack went through all the trouble of killing him. In appreciation for the raven pack killing Bjorn, the ninja said that he would be willing to destroy the staff and restore the relics to the temple for them. The ninja did what needed to be done and everyone was happy. Later the raven pack met Jackson who wanted help to liberate a Pelor temple that was taken over by some goblins. They encountered the mystery ninja at the temple and he left as quickly as they saw him. The raven pack found a scroll in a cave attached to the temple.

The scroll tells of an event centuries ago of a group of Pelor clerics accompanied by the armies of the northern kingdoms having an epic battle after a powerful tyrant named Tyrell flooded the land with the undead and plunged the earth into darkness. The sun disappeared and the vegetation started to die out. After the clergy where victorious they could not find a way to destroy Tyrell, so they sealed him away forever in the earth. Only after they entombed him into his prison did the sun return and darkness was lifted from the earth.

They felt that leaving the seal at the burial site was too risky since if the seal were to be destroyed, it would release Tyrell from his prison. So they had the kingdom’s highest wizards use powerful magic to separate the seal into 5 pieces and spiritually link them together so that no matter how far apart they were from each other, their power is still maintained as though they where still connected. They left the main piece of the seal on Tyrell’s prison and took the other pieces to temples of Pelor to be buried and forgotten. To ensure that Tyrell’s prison was kept a secret, the clerics and high wizards spent months performing an epic ritual to wipe the knowledge of Tyrell’s reign of terror and the months of bloody battles that followed under his rule from the minds of all sentient beings but them selves. At the bottom of the scroll it lists 4 cities; Vertick, Tristel, Valmere, Kirick.

The raven pack ditched Jackson at the temple and proceeded to Tristel where they found the ninja, found out that his name is Marcus. The party tossed Marcus around like a rag doll and eventually killed him. What covered most of Marcus’ arms and legs were gauze that had inscriptions on them. The party later finds out that the inscriptions where magical runes to protect the wearer from the light. It is at this time when the doppelganger said “Hey I know where that last Pelor temple is. It’s in doppelopolis, where I’m from.” So the raven pack set off to the doppelganger city. At the city they found that it has been overrun by orcs and demons. They encountered Marcus’ brother (Cato) in the city and kicked his ass but he lived to see another day.

They also found Marcus’ other brother, Decimus, in the basement of a Pelor temple. Decimus was dead long enough to be just a skeleton chained to a wall. Decimus had an elfish skeletal figure with the exception of noticeably large fangs at the mouth and claws at the end of his fingers. Also the party helped move the cities gold and treasure out of the castle and waved as the wagons of gold traveled south.

After the raven pack jump kicked their way through the city they found the prince of the city (Cordus, who had the last piece of the seal), his lucky red dragon (Galerock) and some survivors, and helped them escape the city via the river and headed north. Up the river and through the forest, the raven pack met some quicklings, who demanded a tribute of corpses. Duri and Owlbear went to a nearby town, where Owlbear killed ten people to provide the bodies. So they just went on their merry way.

Through the meadows and over the mountains they found New Doppelopolis. There, the raven pack found out that the seal Cordus had was a fake. Cordus tells the raven pack where to find the real one. The party discovers the seal in a Vecna burial site underneath some spider dwellings in the mountains. Among the spiders they meet Virgil (a proclaimed Drow [and total douche] with lighter skin and the thief notices that Virgil has fangs hiding behind his smile). Virgil tells the party that he was a cleric of Vecna. Also, that long ago Vecna and Tyrell where at war. After approached by the dopples after Tyrell was imprisoned he agreed to help and struck a deal with Vecna that if he gave him his fellow cleric’s souls, Vecna would have their bodies protect Tyrells seal. Vecna does not wish to have Tyrell alive or dead. Vecna was afraid if Tyrell is killed that he might become a god and continue the fight in the ethereal. He sounded very convincing and the thief didn’t bother to see if he was lying. ~ ~ ~

Bahar has a dream: You’re soaring fast above the full white clouds against a golden sunset. Then gradually descending through the clouds. You find that below you is a vast battlefield. As far as the eye can see threes a sea of dragon born fighting an endless army of orcs, goblins, ogres, and demons. You see someone glowing in the battle you recognize him as Cato. Standing much taller than you remember and with demonic spikes tearing out through his armor Cato rampages through the dragon born army. Suddenly a flash of light floods the sky and a meteor falls from the clouds and crashes a couple hundred feet behind Cato obliterating dozens of orcs. From the ashes emerges a mighty dragon born warrior with shimmering golden plate mail. Like an unstoppable juggernaut the warrior charges through the demonic and orcish hordes towards Cato, slaughtering everything in his way. All of a sudden everything slows down, everything becomes a blur, and the light begins to fade. In the distance shinning bright and in absolute clarity you see a Man in white robes standing on a Gristro in the middle of the enemy army. He performs an unrecognizable ritual. Your trance is broken up by a voice on either side of you. When you turn your head you see a dragon head on one side and a goats head on the other. As their talking to you, you can’t make out what their saying. You find yourself pulling a U turn in the air flying fast away from the battlefield through the clouds. An overwhelming light fills the sky and you feel an enormous explosion behind you. And suddenly you wake up.



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